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Destiny Life Coaching Kenya

We are experts on deep, lasting, Natural Confidence. We have worked with thousands of people :  Business owners, Leaders, C.E.Os, Hr Professionals, managers, Teenagers,and individuals seeking to take the lead in their prospective careers and make a dent on the Planet to help them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity (and those voices in their head that hold them back).

Best Training for Motivational Business Mentors

We also train and mentor upcoming Coaches in our D.L.C Coach training and certification, the coach training Class is a 3 full days Intensive training with one year of mentorship and supervision mastermind group. We believe in our clients, they love that we see their brilliance. And they love that we refuse to buy into their old small stories of themselves.

Professional Career Consultants in Kenya

CALL US FOR A FREE ONE FULL HOUR OF DEEP COACHING CONSULTATION AND LETS HANDLE YOUR CHALLANGE FOREVER! Any programme you invest in, we give a money back guarantee incase after the 2nd session you dont feel you are getting 5Times the value of the money you invest with us. You get back your money, no questions asked!

Certified Youth Training for Executive and Teaching Skills

READY TO TALK? Bring your biggest dream. Or your biggest fear. And we’ll handle them. Forever. Take Action NOW!
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Destiny Life Coaches

Jeff Nthiwa | Master Life Coach

Strategic Intervention Life Coach


I Coach High Performers to become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of themsel... Read more

Elizabeth Madoka

Leadership Coach


I coach LEADERS seeking RESULTS in their personal and professional life. Call me for a consultati... Read more

Shukriya Mahat

Personal Development & Life Coach


I’m Shukriya Mahat, a full-rounded SELF-DEVELOPMENT coach who is ready to take you through ... Read more

Harji Bwika Simon

Life Purpose Coach


Harji is an author, Speaker and Educator. He specializes in innovation in education by introducin... Read more

Mwangi Kariuki

Confidence & Life Coach


I'm Mwangi Kariuki, a confidence coach who'll help you say good bye to self-doubt, second-guessin... Read more

Sheila Bennati

Welness Coach


My mission is to lead a purpose driven life through facilitation not prescription. Health and Fit... Read more

Recent Client Review..

Joyce Kirori
Feb 07, 2017
I came to see Jeff at Destiny life coaching when i was at my lowest point and we began to talk and slowly but surely saw myself as a person of great potential with confidence . Afterwards I went through the diploma course and this is what I learnt: It's been a great journey. Sometimes when I talk to people they wonder how I handle their issues but I have been able to assist many people with personality issues but I need to come out and mentor through publications and through other paths. God Bless you Jeff and the family. You took me out of a deep well and today I am a confident woman. Merry Christmas and a happy 2017.
Titto Mutnz
Sep 04, 2017
Destiny Life Coaches is the place to be.Since my 1st interaction with Destiny,my life has taken a new turn,i'm confident and determined. I now believe in setting goals and living my dreams.You should give it a try.
Chepngenoh Deborah
Apr 11, 2017
I want to say thank you for I am a step ahead from where I was.. Personally I have never met Mr. Jeff, but the impact that he had on me over our phone sessions was immense. Was asking myself, that, if he could have such an impact on my life over the phone, what will it be like to meet him face to face??What am trying to say is, he is a real motivator and an understanding person,he can turn a worst situation around for you for a better one. I am here and am ready to testify if time and space be. If all people and leaders could be like him, looking at life given any situation could be better. Am happy. Thanks a lot Jeff.

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