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Life Coach Training Course
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Destiny life coaching is an agency for international coaches register.
Destiny life coaching is an agency for international coaches register.
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Destiny Life Coaching

We are experts on deep, lasting, Natural Confidence. we have worked with hundreds of people : Teenagers, business owners, leaders, C.E.Os, Hr Professionals, managers and individuals seeking to take the lead in their prospective careers and make a dent on the Planet to help them move past self-doubt, fear and insecurity (and those voices in their head that hold them back). We also train and mentor upcoming Coaches in our D.L.C Coach training and certification, the coach training Class is every Friday at KMA center Upper-hill. We run a small Group of Top Coaches training class for a Period of 3 months life changing coaching experience. We believe in our clients, they love that we see their brilliance. And they love that we refuse to buy into their old stories. CALL US FOR A FREE ONE FULL HOUR OF DEEP COACHING CONSULTATION IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU! > You Believe in yourself > You have a track record of success > You are passionate. > You take Massive Actions on your goals > You believe there is much more you are capable of achieving. READY TO TALK? Bring your biggest dream. Or your biggest fear. And we’ll handle them. Forever. Take Action NOW! call: +254722992111 Email:

Destiny Life Coaches

Jeff Nthiwa | Master Life Coach

Strategic Intervention Life Coach


I Coach High Performers to become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled version of themsel... Read more

Shukriya Mahat

Personal Development & Life Coach


I’m Shukriya Mahat, a full-rounded SELF-DEVELOPMENT coach who is ready to take you through ... Read more

Mwangi Kariuki

Confidence & Life Coach


I'm Mwangi Kariuki, a confidence coach who'll help you say good bye to self-doubt, second-guessin... Read more

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