10 Steps to Success and Abundance

The start of a new year is a great time to start afresh and create something new. It’s also a great time to reflect on your past successes and start tapping into the many wonderful possibilities that can lie ahead for you.
Here are ten steps I suggest to get you started, most of which revolve around your way of being:
1. Set the right goals:
Know what it is that you really want in life and define it as clearly as you can. Then, create a strong intention for that to happen.
2. Be determined:
Be patient and don’t be discouraged by setbacks. See them as challenges to be overcome or lessons to be learned, not roadblocks.
3. Be honest:
If you’re open and honest in all of your dealings, people will trust and support you. Dishonesty is self-destructive and brings with it, fear and guilt.
4. Don’t be susceptible to the negative influences of others:
Be immune to the negative opinions of others and let go of any thoughts that don’t support you.
5. Be generous and kind:
You can’t expect life to be generous to you if you’re not generous to yourself and kind to others. Keep an open mind and don’t criticise or judge yourself or others.
6. Be self-motivated:
If you lack self-motivation, you’re like a car without a battery. The good thing is that when we set the right goals, a natural desire arises from within us, to help us achieve them.
7. Seize every opportunity:
Be open to and detached from the form in which opportunities might arise so you’re ready to recognise them and act on them.
8. Don’t compare yourself with others:
Instead of trying to be better than someone else, accept yourself as you are and use your talents and gifts to do your personal best. Make a habit of acknowledging yourself each day by asking yourself, ‘What have I done well today?’
Keeping an acknowledgement journal is a nice way to keep up this daily practice.
9. Maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit:
When we’re healthy, we can do virtually anything! When we neglect our health – mental, physical or spiritual – we limit our chances of success.
10. Make the most of your time:
Time, not money is our most critical and precious resource. Use it well. Always spend some time each day doing something that gives you energy. Build on your feelings of success and abundance each day by asking yourself ‘What am I grateful for today’? and ‘What am I happy about right now’? When we devote our time and energy to thinking about and doing the things that make us happy, we start creating and living a successful, abundant life.

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