Harji Bwika Simon



Harji is an author, Speaker and Educator. He specializes in innovation in education by introducing new ideas in personal development into education and perpetual learning. He is ambitiously determined to push the inquiring Kenyan by empowering his audience to live more expanded and happier lives.

He wants to revolutionize education regionally and fill the education gap by providing transformational and holistic learning for All levels. A truly motivating speaker, with a unique way of captivating audiences, Harji’s material is original, easy to understand and he brings you along on a journey of self-discovery and helps you connect with a Higher level of awareness. Inspired by his passion for philosophy, you are brought deeper into the wisdom of your Soul in regards to your profession/calling or life purpose.


Let Harji share his expertise and vast life experiences with you or your group. You will soon realize (make real) the difference. You will be motivated to awaken into a larger you –diving deeply into your life with passion and joy giving everything and receiving everything back. He is also the facilitator of The Life Purpose Talks – designed for anyone wanting to live with greater clarity in life particularly in relation to their life-work or chosen career. You learn tools and techniques that cultivate deeper ways of making decisions –driven by your passion for your work. The Life Purpose Talks network is open to everyone Harji is the initiator of NEW IDEAS ABOUT SCHOOL (NIAS) -Coastal Schools Leadership Program that encourages the advancing of schools success in the region.

The NIAS program’s core idea is to equip passionate teachers and students with the tools to become change agents and leaders of influence in their community. NIAS is now developing the LEARNING STYLES PROGRAM –children are now learning that exams and tests are easy! -that they are really all about how we process information and how we retrieve it. We understand and comprehend the information more easily when it is given to us through our learning style.

The program identifies Visual, Auditory and Practical learners –then equips teachers with correlating teaching methods. Harji is also the author of ‘How to pass exams’ a hundred page book written from the premise that we are not taught how to study in our local system -is for ages 13 to 18 and is packed with study habits, techniques, practices, methods and study tricks with which children can find in it what works for each of them. Currently writing his second book ‘Life-Work’, Harji enjoys meeting children in schools along the coast motivating them and advising them on their gifts and talents as they face questions about their future careers. Also, sounding the trumpet on learning disabilities such as ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism.