It was journey of Self Discovery


 Apart from Learning How to Coach, You Also Get Coached.

Muchira C N

This past Saturday, the 15th of July, Destiny Life Coaching graduated 16 certified, motivated and inspired coaches. And from the sheer joy and pride that resonated throughout graduation day, it would be fair to say that this month’s life coaching class was truly transformational.

As we sat and listened to the various coaches unveil their greatest insights and breakthroughs from the course, you couldn’t help but realize a recurring theme. Noel, also a recent graduate perhaps puts it best; “I came here with an intention that I wanted to help people, but… at the end of it I came to realize, I was the one who needed help.”

Slightly amusing, his remark has proved profoundly true. As we listened to several other testimonies every coach seemed to advocate for not only learning new skills but also transforming themselves through the course. Their stories brought forth three especially intriguing insights from the life coaching course at Destiny;

It Starts withYou!

“…it was actually a personal journey, a journey of self-discovery and the best way I could understand myself as well,” says Sheila Benatti as she reveals an essential truth about her journey through the course.

Sheila Dorris, another esteemed graduate also gave a powerful testimony on her personal journey; “in July 2016, I was approaching my exams… but I couldn’t do it. I felt like there was an imbalance in my life… I was seeking help.”

Sheila then went on to describe that the life coaching course at DLC brought forth several breakthroughs in her own life. “I found myself,” she says confidently. And as cliché as it may sound, she wore the mightiest expression of sincerity when she said it.

Sheila’s journey also brought her a breakthrough in some unconventional areas in her life she says. “I was struggling with my weight.” Which is something you could never tell from looking at the picture of health that Sheila embodies today.

As various other coaches made similar remarks, one thing became clear. That wanting to make a change, just as many of these coaches will, starts from the inside out and not the outside in. It starts with you.

Its A Process!

“It doesn’t stop,” Muchira says adamantly.

“It’s amazing how many layers that, from examining yourself, you find that you have. You just keep going deeper and deeper… it’s having the confidence to actually do that deep search to get to know who you are.”

Her words resonate deeply as she goes on to describe that self-discovery takes courage. And it is actually the courage to look within one’s self, that many people lack and in turn prevent themselves from growing. And Muchira goes on to affirm this saying “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Perhaps that is the wakeup call which we all need and proof that coaching, much like life, is a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. It simply “…doesn’t stop”.

A Network of Amazing People!

One thing that was clear as we sat and celebrated the graduation of our life coaches, was the comradery and happiness that seemed to gleam through the atmosphere in on that special day. As Beatrice Thairu stood to encourage other life coaches to join their newly formed mastermind group called “the Impact Group”—a group of life coaches adamant on surrounding themselves with inspirational people—one could feel the depth of connection and power of purpose she spoke with. “It’s not just about helping ourselves, it’s about helping others,” she says.

“I was also very happy to meet people who have similar values to mine, in wanting to make a difference in other peoples’ lives.”

Her words, coming straight from the heart, amplify that the relationships she has made over the time of the course will last her a life time.

As a chapter in DLCs latest catalog of transformational life coaches comes to an end, another begins. So, to our special graduates of July 2017, congratulation!

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