Facilitated by Harji Bwika Simon

we would be delighted to provide professional training and support to help you introduce and implement a successful up-skill program in your school. NIAS will work closely with you to construct and deliver a training and resource package tailored to meet your needs.


1: ‘Learning in Style’ – An Introduction to Learning Styles Learning style is the way in which each individual learner begins to concentrate on, process, absorb and retain new and difficult material. Each of us has different learning strengths – a combination of personal preferences that enable us to:

• Begin to concentrate

• Take in new and difficult information

• Remain focused

• Understand and remember important ideas When we are able to apply our strengths we become more efficient, more productive and more successful. We are much more likely to produce our best work. Purpose: Introduces the learning-style model and develops staff awareness of individual teaching and learning styles


Duration/Time: 2 days Half-day (am, pm or evening) x2 A one month intensive learning Styles workshop is also offered (details attached).

For: All teaching staff and management. Excellent for students and for parent evenings.

Content: Overview of learning styles model. Benefits of learning-style approaches, applications and implications. Recommended: Staff may complete a learning-style assessment prior to or following this workshop. (Additional charge applies for assessments)

Option 2: Intensive Workshop. Details in attachment.

THE LIFE PURPOSE TALKS Purpose Driven Life -A teachers’ workshop Purpose: Designed for teachers wanting to live with greater clarity in life particularly in relation to their chosen career. Learn tools and techniques that cultivate deeper ways of making decisions –driven by passion.

Duration/Time: 3 hours or half day (am, pm or evenings) For: Teachers, support staff and administrators. Content: • Introduction –The gift of teaching • Video presentation –Meet teachers around the world

• Teacher – Child – Parent Pyramid

• Money –as it relates to your work

• Interactive session Recommended: Audio-visual equipment for the video presentation.


Join a growing network of teaching professionals in Kenya who are driven by their own desire to grow and expand as individuals in their chosen careers.

Membership has grown to 160 teachers from different counties. Duration/Time: Long term. Bi-monthly physical meetings as well as on-going online forums. Continuous engagement on digital platforms. Technical workshops and candid talks on aspects of your well being are covered in each physical 2hour meeting. For: Teachers Content: Endless resource of tools, Motivational talks, exchange programs, free trainings, newsletters, video learning material, informal social gatherings and meets, visiting speakers, inter-county forums and introductions, skype sessions with teachers from the region and the world… Recommended: An open mind and eagerness to grow with like-minded professionals.

UDERSTANDING YOUR STUDENT –A TEACHER’S WORKSHOP What to expect at different ages of your students’ development

Part 1: Social and Emotional Skills

Part 2: The brain –A look into your student’s mind and how it woks Purpose: A look at age by age development –from infancy to teen years –Understanding your students better. Learn how to recognize the different paces at which children mature and develop. We cover the Milestones at different ages and learn how to notice potential issues and understand them. Duration/Time: 3hrs or half day (am, pm or evenings) x 2

For: Teachers Content: (part 1) Timeline showing what is considered typical behavior as our students develop. A summary of infancy to age 10 then a detailed discussion of the formative teen years.

(Part 2) An understanding of how the brain works. What is going on in the brain? What is the Mind? How does it affect the physical, physiological, emotional and psychological aspects of your student? Recommended: This is useful particularly for male teachers who have had a somewhat detached experience with children. Charges: MEET THE TEACHERS Purpose: A viewing of various videos of teachers from around the world. Hear their inspiring stories, learn from their experiences discuss freely amongst yourselves and the facilitator. A very casual and informal session. Duration/time: 2 hours. For: Teachers Recommended: Audio-visual equipment for the video presentation.


LEARNING DISABILITIES Purpose: To bring awareness on Learning Disabilities and the varying impacts on a student’s and teacher’s life and behaviour. Learning disability awareness will familiarise teachers with the various types of LD and how these affect learning and teaching in Kenya today. This open talk prepares you to think on your feet and learn to identify and manage the requirements of each student with LD in your care. Duration/Time: Half day (am, pm or evenings) For: Teachers, support staff and admin Contents: An in-depth look at the disabilities and a surprise discovery of their singular cause. We shall look at ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory processing disorder, Dyscalculia for example affects a person’s ability to understand, memorize and organize numbers. They have difficulty telling time and even counting and learning math facts. We cover others such as Dysgraphia, Language processing disorder, Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, Executive functioning, Memory and Visual Motor Deficit. Recommended: An open mind. Charges: DIFFICULT CHILD Are you Blessed with a difficult child in your classroom? Purpose: A Mature and deep look at how many children are able to hold on to their broader perspective even amidst strong human influence. Duration: 2 hours For: Teachers Contents: Learn how to remove labels such as “problematic”, “troubled”, “stubborn” and “incapable of learning” and come from a much larger place within you as a teacher as you address these misunderstood children. Take a step back and remember that a determination to guide oneself, and follow one’s guidance is an inherent intention that all are born with.

DIGITAL LITERACY –Adapting our mindset to the current Digital reality Old school meets New school The majority of students today are considered digital natives, meaning they have grown up with daily access to multiple technological channels. Therefore, many students have learned to be digitally literate both inside and outside of the classroom. But what about teachers? Are they lurking behind, or are they ahead of the game?

Purpose: Gain a new perspective on a new experience of teaching and learning in Kenya. Duration/Time: 2 hours For: Teachers Contents:

• Our new curriculum and Digital Literacy

• “I am a teacher and I dislike using technology” –is this you?

• 20 things educators need to know about digital literacy skills

• 5 teaching practices that destroy digital literacy Recommended: a digital savvy questionnaire to be completed by staff prior to of after the talk. Charges: 2-6-3-3-3 An introduction to the New Kenyan Education Curriculum An open and candid talk about the new curriculum, the syllabus, it’s applications and its implications.

Foreword by Harji Bwika Simon Guest speaker Aisha Ruprani Member of the United Nations Education panel for developing countries Purpose: Get acquainted with the new system of education. Decide what it means to you as a teacher today. Compare with the old. Is it an answer to your prayers? Are your children ready for it? Duration/time: Half day (am, pm or evening) min 3hrs

For: Teachers and administrators Content: o 8-4-4 o 2-6-3-3-3 o Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania -their curriculums o World class education o Where is it from, the team behind it o The Pilot Program o The transition o Teething problems o Higher Learning o No more Exams Recommended: Early booking for guest speaker Charges: NIAS STUDENT PROGRAMS Facilitated by Harji Bwika Simon Students Seminar LEARNING STYLES FOR STUDENTS Students who know and understand their learning style:  Find Learning FUN!  Find Exams easy and simple

 Remember more

 Are connected to the teacher

 Complete their homework faster

 Are self expressive

 Understand themselves and others much better

 Are eager and keen to learn more

 Love school

 Are increasingly motivated and their concentration improves

 Discover a wide range of interesting and effective approaches to learning

 Learn coping strategies for handling a mismatch of teaching and learning styles

 Complete new and difficult work more confidently and enthusiastically

 Improve their time management and self-discipline.

 Enjoy the feeling of success: the quality of work is raised, results improve and homework stress is reduced Purpose: Increase enthusiasm and results in learning Duration/Time: 3 hours For: students Content: Discussion on different Styles of learning, Learning Styles assessment tests (to identify each student’s style), motivation to learn. Recommended: Parents’/guardian’s awareness of Learning styles.

STUDENT MOTIVATION Educators across Kenya are frustrated with the challenge of how to motivate the ever increasing number of students entering schools who are psychologically, socially, and academically unprepared for the demands of school life. Such students often exhibit maladaptive behaviour such as tardiness, hostility towards authority, and unrealistic aspirations. NIAS addresses this directly with your students.

We not only motivate them, we inspire and transform them for the long term. Purpose: To further exemplify the notion that, when students have both a lack of academic skills and lack motivation, the greater problem is motivation Duration/Time: 2 hours For: Students Content:

A motivating and inspiring talk by Harji Bwika Simon –Author and Educator. Recommended: Start of school term, pre exam time, school event days Charges: CAREERS TALK Students, are you wondering, “What will I do when I grow up? What subjects will I study in high school? College? What kind of work will I do?” NEW IDEAS ABOUT SCHOOL (NIAS) can help you. We have a valid (accurate) career test for students and lots of free career advice articles, downloads, and videos. It’s a good time for you to explore… to learn about jobs and school options in Kenya today. And, it can be fun and interesting! Purpose: To set yourself up for lifelong success with a good foundation. Learn more about your interests, do a little planning, and learn how to make good decisions, it can make a big difference in opening up better jobs, higher salaries, and make you more of a free agent in the arena of life.

Exuding Leadership character all along. Duration/Time: Half-day plus ongoing access to resources provided by NIAS

For: Students Content:

• What is your calling?

• What are your talents?

• What are you passionate about?

• How to choose a career

• NIAS career assessment test -it helps match your personality and interests to career and university degrees, choices that are more likely to be successful for you.

• How to choose a university degree or training program • Tips for how to find a college and be a smart education consumer • Choosing a career field, cluster or career pathway • Being job and work skill smart • Making wise decisions for the short term, mid-term and long term Recommendations: Charges: