Shukriya Mahat



I’m Shukriya Mahat, a full-rounded SELF-DEVELOPMENT coach who is ready to take you through a journey of TRANSFORMATION to DISCOVER the inner you, YOUR TRUE SELF. I have worked with many non-profit organizations, in Kenya and abroad, on youth & young adults development projects (focusing on SOCIAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL&PHYSICAL growth). I currently run a youth mentoring program with these objectives for girls and young women. I am RESULT-ORIENTED, and structure a Unique Development Plan for each client to achieve their VISION. I am passionate about getting that Internal Human Connection that opens you up to a world of possibilities out there. Everyone has a DREAM. My objective is to push your limitations; help you realize your POTENTIAL and make better decisions to reach new heights. Your life is in your hands, don’t limit yourself. It is time to START ACTING and STOP REACTING. Dıscover yourself wıth me. Call me for a free consultation session. Mobile +254722992111.