Whether you’re looking to take your business or relationships to the next level, transform your finances, or improve your health and self-esteem, coaching can help you to get there! Moreover, for those truly serious about living their purpose and experiencing the kind of fulfillment and success that eludes so many of us, The Destiny Life Coaching Ideal Life Vision is likely to be a truly transformative and life-changing experience.

This class includes Purpose and Identity coaching. After getting clarity on what our purpose and identity is, we go in each of the 10 areas of life and create a vision that is in line with our Purpose and Identity.

The approach for this group coaching is total immersion! You will get into a state of acceleration and elevation which will help you to achieve more than you have done even in your lifetime.
One of his biggest sources of inspiration is the incomparable Tony Robbins. He modeled his own approach after Tony Robbin who was his coaching teacher– applying many of his strategies along with his own ideas. Jeff has an insatiable curiosity and absolute passion for coaching, and so is constantly researching the latest concepts and ideas and integrating them into his approach. The result? A powerfully effective, proven strategy that is grounded in science and inspired by some of the biggest minds in the industry.

 This 12 sessions ( 3 Months) meeting is aimed at helping attendees to create their ideal life visions – a ‘masterpiece vision’ in 10 areas of life; Health & Fitness, Intelectual vision, Emotional Life Vision, Character Life Vision, Love and Relationship Vision, Social life Vision, Financial Life Vision, career Life Vision, Spiritual Life Vision, Ultimate Life vision.

After this is a transformative experience, your life will not be the same: you will know precisely what it is you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.
It doesn’t matter what you want in life. Whether you’re looking for love, joy, passion, fulfillment… even power. We don’t judge, and we don’t put ideas in your mind – this is about helping you to find your truth and then empowering you to go and execute on that vision, your grandest most fulling vision.

So many of us go through life feeling unmotivated, bored, frustrated, even tired and lethargic. We are like zombies going through the motion and we’ve lost touch with the things that once made us come alive and filled us with excitement and enthusiasm.
But once you rediscover the things that drive you – the things that light that fire inside you and propel you into action – then you will find that it truly does change everything. Imagine jumping out of bed because you are so excited to start the day ahead! Imagine being overwhelmed with excitement when you sit down to work. Imagine finding success and happiness in the 10 key areas of life – feeling whole and complete so that you can really relax and feel content at the end of each day.
Many people find that they are reinvigorated after this course. They feel they have a new sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and inspiration. This course is about closing that gap between where you are right now and where you need to be. Don’t settle for your ordinary life – go after the extraordinary, your best version!

This event is not for everyone. This event is aimed specifically at those who have achieved a specific level of success but are looking for ‘more’. If you feel that there’s more locked away that you’ve yet to tap into, then get in touch with Jeff for a free consultation, registration, and assessment. deadline for registration is the second week of the month.

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