Activate your LOVE

Objective of the Event
• To build relationships that are bountiful and fulfilling
• To gain a deeper understanding of your own needs inside the relationship
• To gain a deeper understanding of your partners needs inside the relationship
• To begin to function as a team

Target audience:

Persons in committed relationships (Married or unmarried).

Topics to be covered
• Keeping the fire burning (love and romance)
• Everybody is an individual- Being yourself in the relationship
• Meaning of Your Commitment
• Your Life Long individual Goals and Mutual Expectations

Learning outcome
1. Know the story
 -What makes your heart sing?
 – What Patterns hurt your relationships?
 -How do you listen and see?

2. Shift your relationship
    -Press RESET
    – Meeting your needs from a higher level

3. What’s at stake?
4. Ground yourself to enhance your relationship.
5. Building quality relationships- beautiful, bountiful and fulfilling.

Date of the event: 21st July 2018 from 9 a.m to 1 p.m (Tea and bitings will be served)
Venue: Destiny Life Coaching, Savelberg Retreat Centre.

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