Sometimes life experiences throw us off center, out of our power. They deceptively convince us to give away our power. It could be a challenge that seems hard to overcome or a goal that seems far or one that we feel incapable of achieving in the time we want to achieve it by. 
You are giving away your power and that is throwing you into a victim state and making you experience anxiety, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, sad, depressed, impatient etc.
When you’re out of your power, someone or something else has you and that makes you feel incapacitated and incapable of driving your life into the direction you want it to, you might not even have any direction and might feel paralyzed.
No matter how powerless you might feel, there is no distance between you and your power.
All you need to step back into the driver’s seat in your life is awareness. Awareness of your thoughts and feelings can avail you the opportunity to make a choice that will put you back on your throne.
I believe that life unfolds naturally and not even you can know what wants to come through you unless and until you become present in the moment. The only way to tap into that power is to express authentically. Authenticity through awareness allows you to grab hold of the steering wheel of your life and direct it in the direction of your dreams.
Are you ready to step into your power?
Are you ready to overcome your challenge?
Are you ready for your dreams?
Are you ready to be, think like and feel like the highest version of your self?
If you are or if you are not so sure, book a free discovery session with me to find out if we can walk together and get you seated on your throne, wearing your crown and ruling your kingdom.