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TIME: 8:00AM – 11:00AM
Lipa Na MPESA TILL Number 593038

The Next Project Leavers Coaching Program

NEXT is an Ex-candidates Group Coaching Program that seeks to lay foundational values and the young people in discovering their purpose in life, their identity, and careers they best fit it. NEXT comprises of 12 Deep Coaching sessions school leavers. This will be the best form of education to give to your child. Let them find out what’s NEXT for them and you will have given them a gift!

The Next Project Bash 18th December 2018
Venue : Savelberg Retreat Center Gardens Off Muringa Rd, Kilimani
Get Connected to a personal coach for 3 months
Connect with new amazing friends like you.

The NEXT PROJECT life coaching sessions schedule
● Every Tuesday 2- 5Pm
● Duration: 3 months (January – March 2018)

What to carry
● A coaching exercise book
● Pen

The ‘NEXT’ Project
● NIAS career assessment test helps match your personality and interest to career and university degrees, choices that are more likely to be successful for you.
● How to choose a university degree or training program
● Tips for how to find a college and be a smart education consumer

  • What is your calling?
  • What are your talents
  • What are you passionate about?
  • How to choose a career
  • Choosing a career field, cluster or career pathway
  • Being job and work skill Smart

The ‘Next’ Project steps
Next Project Bash
Register and attend the Bash on the 18th August 2017
Attend all the 12 Coaching Sessions


Ksh 3,000/ per session = Ksh 36,000/-
Inclusive of the 2 Bashes and graduation.

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It was journey of Self Discovery


 Apart from Learning How to Coach, You Also Get Coached.

Muchira C N

This past Saturday, the 15th of July, Destiny Life Coaching graduated 16 certified, motivated and inspired coaches. And from the sheer joy and pride that resonated throughout graduation day, it would be fair to say that this month’s life coaching class was truly transformational.

As we sat and listened to the various coaches unveil their greatest insights and breakthroughs from the course, you couldn’t help but realize a recurring theme. Noel, also a recent graduate perhaps puts it best; “I came here with an intention that I wanted to help people, but… at the end of it I came to realize, I was the one who needed help.”

Slightly amusing, his remark has proved profoundly true. As we listened to several other testimonies every coach seemed to advocate for not only learning new skills but also transforming themselves through the course. Their stories brought forth three especially intriguing insights from the life coaching course at Destiny;

It Starts withYou!

“…it was actually a personal journey, a journey of self-discovery and the best way I could understand myself as well,” says Sheila Benatti as she reveals an essential truth about her journey through the course.

Sheila Dorris, another esteemed graduate also gave a powerful testimony on her personal journey; “in July 2016, I was approaching my exams… but I couldn’t do it. I felt like there was an imbalance in my life… I was seeking help.”

Sheila then went on to describe that the life coaching course at DLC brought forth several breakthroughs in her own life. “I found myself,” she says confidently. And as cliché as it may sound, she wore the mightiest expression of sincerity when she said it.

Sheila’s journey also brought her a breakthrough in some unconventional areas in her life she says. “I was struggling with my weight.” Which is something you could never tell from looking at the picture of health that Sheila embodies today.

As various other coaches made similar remarks, one thing became clear. That wanting to make a change, just as many of these coaches will, starts from the inside out and not the outside in. It starts with you.

Its A Process!

“It doesn’t stop,” Muchira says adamantly.

“It’s amazing how many layers that, from examining yourself, you find that you have. You just keep going deeper and deeper… it’s having the confidence to actually do that deep search to get to know who you are.”

Her words resonate deeply as she goes on to describe that self-discovery takes courage. And it is actually the courage to look within one’s self, that many people lack and in turn prevent themselves from growing. And Muchira goes on to affirm this saying “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Perhaps that is the wakeup call which we all need and proof that coaching, much like life, is a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. It simply “…doesn’t stop”.

A Network of Amazing People!

One thing that was clear as we sat and celebrated the graduation of our life coaches, was the comradery and happiness that seemed to gleam through the atmosphere in on that special day. As Beatrice Thairu stood to encourage other life coaches to join their newly formed mastermind group called “the Impact Group”—a group of life coaches adamant on surrounding themselves with inspirational people—one could feel the depth of connection and power of purpose she spoke with. “It’s not just about helping ourselves, it’s about helping others,” she says.

“I was also very happy to meet people who have similar values to mine, in wanting to make a difference in other peoples’ lives.”

Her words, coming straight from the heart, amplify that the relationships she has made over the time of the course will last her a life time.

As a chapter in DLCs latest catalog of transformational life coaches comes to an end, another begins. So, to our special graduates of July 2017, congratulation!

10 Steps to Success and Abundance

The start of a new year is a great time to start afresh and create something new. It’s also a great time to reflect on your past successes and start tapping into the many wonderful possibilities that can lie ahead for you.
Here are ten steps I suggest to get you started, most of which revolve around your way of being:
1. Set the right goals:
Know what it is that you really want in life and define it as clearly as you can. Then, create a strong intention for that to happen.
2. Be determined:
Be patient and don’t be discouraged by setbacks. See them as challenges to be overcome or lessons to be learned, not roadblocks.
3. Be honest:
If you’re open and honest in all of your dealings, people will trust and support you. Dishonesty is self-destructive and brings with it, fear and guilt.
4. Don’t be susceptible to the negative influences of others:
Be immune to the negative opinions of others and let go of any thoughts that don’t support you.
5. Be generous and kind:
You can’t expect life to be generous to you if you’re not generous to yourself and kind to others. Keep an open mind and don’t criticise or judge yourself or others.
6. Be self-motivated:
If you lack self-motivation, you’re like a car without a battery. The good thing is that when we set the right goals, a natural desire arises from within us, to help us achieve them.
7. Seize every opportunity:
Be open to and detached from the form in which opportunities might arise so you’re ready to recognise them and act on them.
8. Don’t compare yourself with others:
Instead of trying to be better than someone else, accept yourself as you are and use your talents and gifts to do your personal best. Make a habit of acknowledging yourself each day by asking yourself, ‘What have I done well today?’
Keeping an acknowledgement journal is a nice way to keep up this daily practice.
9. Maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit:
When we’re healthy, we can do virtually anything! When we neglect our health – mental, physical or spiritual – we limit our chances of success.
10. Make the most of your time:
Time, not money is our most critical and precious resource. Use it well. Always spend some time each day doing something that gives you energy. Build on your feelings of success and abundance each day by asking yourself ‘What am I grateful for today’? and ‘What am I happy about right now’? When we devote our time and energy to thinking about and doing the things that make us happy, we start creating and living a successful, abundant life.

What does it mean to be a warrior

Being a warrior is a commitment to embrace discipline, sacrifice, and dedication toward a self-created goal. It is the power to focus one’s mind on what they want, knowing that they have the necessary tools to attain it. A warrior is not fearless or absent of emotion but rather learns to transcend their own feelings and persistently chase after what they want in life. This is what it means to be a Warrior.

We all have what it takes to kindle the power that lies within our inner warrior spirit. Unfortunately, for many of us, throughout our lives, we have learned to keep the warrior within us dormant. We have allowed the stories of our past to wound us and have forgotten the spirit of power that lies within us. We live a life of powerlessness, being dictated by things that are out of our control. We are trapped in an identity which is not our own and as a result, we struggle to find our authentic selves and access the power of the warrior that lies within us.

Fortunately, despite our past, know that your inner warrior is not dead. We must simply reawaken him and allow our spirit to come alive again.
How? Might you ask?

Destiny Life Coaching is holding a FREE event on August 19th to introduce our latest program which is designed to Awaken the Inner Warrior Spirit within you.
Here’s what you can expect from the program;
The Changing of Your Values

To be a Warrior is to have strong and compelling values. It is to follow an intentional path for yourself. To have a dream and a vision which is strongly in accordance with who you are and your truest and most authentic self.

Think of a Tiger stalking its prey. A tiger does not run wildly into a herd of animals, looking to grab anything it can find. Instead, a tiger focuses its attention of one specific animal. It selects its prey and then relentlessly attacks it. A tiger will even forgo all the other animals it’s path, choosing instead to stay fixed on its goal. This is what it means to be a warrior.

In choosing the right values for your life, you immediately refocus your mind. You become a more astute and dedicated individual. No longer do you live with the distractions of the outside world, but your life begins to flow through you and out of you. In finding your most real and most authentic values, you awaken your inner warrior spirit.

The Setting The Right Standards
The great Les Brown once said; “most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.”

Becoming a warrior means re-aligning your standards. Instead of measuring your life against standards that are inauthentic and unworthy of the person you want to become, a warrior sets their own standards. Standards which align with the goals they have set for themselves and the lives they have authentically chosen to live.

By intentionally realigning the way that you measure your life, you can recreate yourself anew. You can live a life that is authentic and passionate, in the pursuit of the standards you truly believe in.

Becoming Emotionally FIT
Emotional fitness pertains to your rituals and habits; these are the actions that define you. It is one thing to have the knowledge that will turn you into a warrior and it is another to have the right rituals and habits which enliven your warrior spirit.

The Inner Warrior program will be a total of nine hours. It is thus imperative to equip yourself not only with the knowledge of becoming a warrior, but also the rituals and habits that will keep you in touch with the warrior within you.

What are you doing every day to awake the Warrior within? Are you intentionally moving closer to the visions and dreams you have created for yourself?

Putting the right rituals into practice is truly what will define you and turn you into the Warrior you’re destined to be.

What Really Drives aWarrior?
We all know that human beings are driven by 6 basic needs; certainty, significance variety, love, growth, and contribution. Unfortunately, many people are unconscious of what it is that drives them. Perhaps they seek significance through their job, or they crave certainty in their homes, etc. They simply have no awareness of where their ‘need’ comes from and the likelihood that they will never be satisfied. This is what we will address through the Inner Warrior program.

Do you know what’s been driving you? Do you have the mindset of a warrior?

Let’s address where your deepest needs come from and recreate new needs for your life that will invoke a warrior’s mindset within you.

Reclaiming Your Story
Having the warrior spirit means living life forward. A lot of people tend to believe that they are victimized. That everything is ‘happening to them’ and they have little or no control of their circumstance.

They allow their stories of the past; stories of failure, pain, and disappointment to define them and effect their future. What would it mean to be free from that?

Becoming a Warrior is learning to accept your story, instead of resisting it. It is learning to disable your past from defining you, rephrasing and empowering yourself by redefining story. This is true liberation, allowing you to create the future you intend for yourself?

What is your Purpose in life?

There is no other phrase that is so over-used and yet so vastly misunderstood. Whether rich, poor, young or old, we all search for our purpose in life. We do this, not simply because we are curious, but because we believe that from our purpose flows everything that we do. To have a purpose in life is to have ‘meaning’. To know that when your life comes to an end, you will have lived for something, and not in vein.

There is no worse feeling than reaching the end of your life still harboring a feeling of emptiness and regret, knowing that you did not live the life that were meant for. To some, this would be worse than death itself. For this same reason, we all persistently search for what we feel we are “meant to do”. And though you may have also been a victim to this strenuous search for answers as to why you are here, the truth is, the answer may be closer than you think.

The Paradox “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” Tony Robbins. There are men who are richer and wealthier than any of us can ever imagine, and yet somehow, despite their apparent success, they are still searching for their purpose in life as if they live in poverty. On the other hand, there are men with what may look to us like ‘nothing’—none of the outward signs of success we’re used to—yet they are completely content, fulfilled and happy with their lives. How can this be?

This is because purpose has nothing to do with ‘achievement’… Purpose has everything to do with ‘fulfillment’. Unfortunately, many of us are too focused on the ‘science of achievement’, when we should be focused on the ‘art of fulfillment’. For this is where our purpose flows from. This is why some people may reach what looks to us like the pinnacle of success, only to realize that they were successful at the wrong assignment. All the success and achievement in the world can feel empty if you never find the deeper sense of fulfillment that comes with doing what you feel you are “meant to do”.

The reason people struggle to find their purpose in life, is because they have not yet found fulfillment. Only once you have found fulfillment, will you realize that the ‘purpose’ you’re searching for is not lost and does not need to be ‘found’. But rather, it has always been within you. Finding fulfillment First It is impossible to write about fulfillment without referring to the six basic human needs. (Certainty, significance, variety, love, Growth, contribution) The great guru Tony Robbins stated that all humans seek fulfillment through the satisfaction of these needs. Some of us are driven in life by certainty and security, whilst some of us are compelled by the need for variety and unpredictability.

Neither are ‘wrong’, but each play a very distinct role when it comes to finding fulfillment. In the study of the art of fulfillment, you will notice that many of us are driven by the wrong needs of certainty and significance. We believe that specifically fulfilling these needs for certainty and significance is what will ultimately bring us fulfillment. Therefore, we strive for a promotion at work, for more money, a better lifestyle, more fame and status… persistently trying to satisfy our deeper needs for certainty and significance in life. We believe that having such things will makes us more content, happy and fulfilled. The problem with this way of thinking is that it causes you to believe that fulfillment comes from the ‘outside in’; that your circumstances, your job, your lifestyle, your money… will all determine how fulfilled you feel.

The outside world then becomes proof of that fulfillment. With this way of thinking, we end up trying to prove ourselves, searching for signals from the outside world that we are successful. We ask ourselves the questions; “How can I prove that I am capable, worthy, successful, famous, sufficient or deserving? Thus, we end up living a life of anxiety and dissatisfaction, always trying to prove something to ourselves and other people.

This way you can never find fulfillment. Change your mentality The biggest switch in your mindset that will immediately affect your levels of fulfillment will come when you realize that fulfillment actually comes from the ‘inside out’—not from the outside in. Only you are responsible for your own fulfillment. You will never find fulfillment in the outside world. You will find it only within yourself by asking the right questions. To truly shift your way of thinking-with regard to fulfillment, instead of asking “how can I prove that I am worthy, powerful, successful, rich etc.?” Ask yourself, “how can I appreciate myself to the fullest right now and how can I appreciate Gods guidance over my life?”

This shift in mentality is life-changing. Instead of being driven by the need for certainty and significance from the ‘outside-in’ approach. Looking from within allows you to be driven by the needs of love and growth. This new way of thinking enables you to accept yourself. To embrace the past and be content with your present situation. It is from this place of fulfillment that you find the power to discover your purpose. Fulfillment = Purpose Once you have found fulfillment within yourself, you will be like a new person. You will be fully accepting of yourself, and see yourself as whole, complete and unchanging for the first time. No longer will you become a victim to the anxiety and fear of living for the outside world—trying to measure up and always being dissatisfied with yourself.

You will find peace. And it is this peace that will allow your purpose to flow out of you. Think of a river. It does not fight to flow. A tree does not strain to grow, And the sun does not struggle to shine. Nature does not have to struggle to discover its purpose. And neither do you when you are in your natural flow. When you have reached this natural and peaceful state of fulfillment, you will no longer need to ‘search’ for your purpose. Instead, like the river, it will simply flow out of you. If you have been searching for your ‘life-purpose’ and lacking a direction in life, consider that you have not yet found fulfillment. If you crave to live full, and purpose-driven life, please join me, Jeff Nthiwa, as I enable you to find the fulfillment that has eluded you, and help you begin on the journey toward your purpose. Call me on 0722992111 book a complimentary deep coaching session with me.