“I have learned a lot in my transformational life coach training. The first and most important lesson I have learned is how to be true to myself and trust the process of transformation. In the past I have had people pleasing tendencies where I would do things just to please people even though I am not interested in the same. After Joining Destiny Life coaching I slowly began to learn to be more assertive and also listen to my own gut. I have learned about how to own my personal power. I have gained more self awareness. I have also been exposed to a great deal of public speaking, I now feel confident to fulfill my God given mission in life. I feel that the course is great, the facilitators are awesome, keep it up! Thank you for the opportunity to be here, I felt like home. I have met some amazing people through Destiny Life coaching. I believe my life will never be the same again.”
” I have been inspired to go for my dreams. I am now more aware and in-touch with my inner self. I am now in control of my life. I am happy to meet my authentic ME through this training, Thank you!”
” My greatest inspiration from this training is the realization that I am enough, right now and in this moment! in the sense that I have all that it takes to move into my purpose without looking outside myself. I feel confident to undertake my transformational coaching assignment in purpose and wellness. This a game changer for me especially the focus on the “Beingness” rather than the doing. I leave this place a strong, better life coach than when i came in. I have learned to ask deep and transformational coaching question. Being able to handle pain and the practical experience of coaching my fellow coaches and being coached is just magical. As well as book writing, many thanks Jeff Nthiwa and Pauline Mutua too for exceeding my expectations. I have gained what i longed for for a long time. Keep doing what you are doing, you are the light that is leading the way for the transformation of generations. Thank you!”
“on Joining D.L.C, I knew i was here to be trained as a life coach but i got so much more. I found me! God used my time here to awaken me form the past hurts that i had firmly held on and embraced as my own. allowing myself to to stay centered and be responsible for my own happiness has deepened my relationship with God as i acknowledge Him as my source. I have been blessed to participate in this life changing training experience with the most supportive colleagues in the world : Mercy, Maureen, Zippy, Sarah, Moraa, Anne, Pauline, Moses, Daniel, Karaya, Njoki, Lydia and Hon. Aisha. Through this course I have the tools i need to be all that I was created to be. Destiny Life coaching is a place of healing, restoration, fun, love, freedom of expression, and freedom from judgement. This is exactly what i need for transformation and i wouldn’t have it any other way.”




Mercy GacheriTransformational Life Coaching Student
Sarah KisiniTransformational Life Coaching Student
Ziporah KiruthuTransformational Life Coach/Wellness coach Student
Samantha M. WairimuTransformational Life Coaching Student