Relationship Coaches creates an indomitable impact on the planet, on their

clients and everyone around them. As a relationship coach when you help a client, you have helped their spouses, you touch their children, family and career relationships.

Relationship coaches get more coaching referrals than any other coach simply because people know people who need relationship help everywhere you go. This is the biggest market in the coaching industry. 

This two days immersion coaching will give you all the skills and strategies you need and the mindset you need to effectively and efficiently run a successful relationship coaching business anywhere in the world.

    • Discover how to help your clients improve their relationships with themselves.
    • Help couples to strengthen their bond with each other even in times of stress.
    • Help them be clear on what they truly want in a relationship and how to get it.
    • Get a deep understanding of what emotions are and where they come from
    • More emotional awareness, insight, and mastery
    • A stronger sense of control over your emotions
    • End to anxiety, stress and overwhelm
    • A newfound surge in enthusiasm for life
    • Increased levels of joy, happiness and fulfillment
    • Help your clients understand the opposite sex
    • Living consciously
    • Mastering your Values, and human needs
    • Realize An increased ability to communicate honestly and openly
    • A significantly greater focus on your partner’s needs
    • More quality time spent together


  • A newfound sense of teamwork in your clients relationship
  • Overall decreases in stress and negativity in the relationships

Get ICR certification as a relationship coach.



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